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Acuity-vct Video Surveillance and Analytics deployed in Museums / Cultural Properties



The Museum and Cultural Properties Marketplace is Acuity-vctís most important industry segment. Acuity-vct has developed a host of unique and cost effective video surveillance applications that address the specific needs of our museum / cultural properties clients.

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Museum Directors

These surveillance applications leverage the superior network capable design of our Video Capture System (VCS) to make a museumís security guards more efficient and give them the technology tools to prevent collection theft and damage. The VCS is used as a traditional Video Surveillance system and as an Artifact Protection / Video Analytics tool.

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  • Standard Video Surveillance

    The Video Capture System (VCS) is a powerful Next Generation IP/Surveillance system, that replaces antiquated VCR and DVR type systems. The VCS collects video signals from new or existing cameras, converts them to high quality digital images, and stores them on a secure server while making them available for live and historical viewing.

    The VCS also allows you to use your existing network efficiently leveraging your current resources while allowing monitoring from local and remote location. A single VCS system can protect an entire museum.


    Advanced Artifact Protection / Video Analytics

    Acuity-vct has also developed a camera based motion detection and alarming tool that instantly sounds an alarm when museum defined locations are breached. This feature leverages the VCS's superior design and analytics to provide a higher level of asset protection than any competitive system.


    The VCS "Camera Based Motion Alarming System" was developed specifically for museum applications to protect valuable artifacts while providing curators the flexibility to easily change protected areas as exhibits change and grow. By working in partnership with museum executives, Acuity has developed cost effective security solutions that provide superior surveillance and protection while enhancing the guest experience. This saves our clients money by better utilizing their guard force.




    Typical Architecture Within Cultural Properties


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