IT Asset Management from
Government Technology Solutions, LLC

SyAM, System Area Manager, enables proactive Asset management. After its simple installation the software dynamically discovers the IT assets, and continues to monitor, track and alert to changes in both hardware and softwared configurations, keeping your IT staff up-to-date on approved and non-approved changes.

Its configurable reporting enables access in real time to asset data independant of the system's current operatoinal state. Application summaries for compliance and license reporting can be produced in seconds saving substantial time for year-end asset audits. Systems can be quickly identified for application or patch updates within seconds, compared to their time consuming manual methods done today.

IT administrators can also save substantial time keeping systems updated with the latest security and application updates by using SyAM Software's Management Utilites. Through a simple interface they can identify vulnerabilities and deploy patches via 3rd party applications without affecting the user or having to visit each system.

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