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Application/Platform Migration

We have extensive knowledge of platform migration - we can quickly and fully migrate your mainframe/unix/aix applications to the highly popular Wintel environment. Our automated conversion toolset significantly reduces the amount of time over competitive offerings to bring your application into a production Wintel platform. We convert your source code, test your new Wintel application, train you in the new application, and help you bring the application into production. We can also provide extended post-implementation support.

For more than 20 years, our proven conversion tools and methodologies have enabled companies in all areas of the private sector, including insurance, financial, healthcare, retail, distribution, manufacturing; and all areas of the public sector, city, county, state and federal; to migrate to open systems. If you are considering migrating your business applications from your current computing platform to a new open systems platform, our knowledge, methodologies, and commitment to success will ensure your project is completed on time, within budget, while providing the expected benefits.








Most of our migration projects involve migrating IBM Mainframe, including both CICS and IMS systems, DEC VAX and DEC ALPHA, WANG VS, HP 3000 and IBM AS/400 platforms to UNIX, LINUX or WINDOWS. The legacy COBOL can be converted to ACUCORP's ACUCOBOL, MICRO FOCUS COBOL or FUJITSU COBOL. In addition to COBOL we also offer migration for systems written in RPG, BASIC, FORTRAN, IDEAL, NATURAL, C, ASSEMBLER, etc. Our database conversion tools can convert IMAGE, IMS, DL1, DB2, SUPRA, DATACOM, IDMS, KSAM, VSAM based systems to ORACLE, SQL Server, Terradata, MYSQL, ISAM, VISION based systems. Our platform migration methodology, conversion tools and process can be applied to perform migrations between any legacy and open system platform.

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