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go green with gtsGTS is a reseller of Syam Software’s System Area Management products that have proven their investment time and again.  In fact, as a by-product of implement, customers have achieved significant savings through reduced power consumption as they actually fully recover their investment in as little as four to six months!

System Area Management Products

SyAM Software develops products that help SMBs and Enterprises manage their multi-vendor computer assets more effectively, prolonging their life and decreasing total cost of ownership. Our products are offered in either System Client or System Area Manager configurations and work across all brands of computer systems.

Manages Multiple System Clients

Client products allow administrators to manage one system at a time free of charge. System Area Manager unlocks the power and rich feature-set of our products, allowing administrators to manage multiple systems simultaneously.

All products draw on a common interface that is easy to use, web-based, and works seamlessly in both Windows and Linux environments across all brands of hardware.

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