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BrightWork is the first standards-based provider of innovative SharePoint applications for collaborative project management and rollup reporting. Leading companies and government organizations around the world rely on BrightWork solutions to help them better manage their work, projects and processes, including: FedEx; Microsoft; Tetley Teas; Skanska; Del Monte; and University of Chicago.

From 1995 to today the company has built process and project management products on top of the industry leading collaborative platforms of the time. It is believed that BrightWork is the only company to have developed and delivered a commercial software product on the following leading collaborative platforms (Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange 2000 Webstore to SharePoint 2001 to SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2007) with the same basic product mission (process driven project management)."

Project Management Features

Know about SharePoint and want to know how BrightWork pmPoint enhances SharePoint to enable it to be used as a platform for project management?

Project Initiation

  • An enhanced site creation form for creating new project spaces from templates or from existing projects (also available from an API)

  • 5 single project management templates (i.e. custom site definitions) for differing levels of process (see the Project Management Templates pop-up image)

  • Project management processes baked into SharePoint Quick Launches, lists, web parts, views and dashboards

  • Optional import from a Microsoft Project plan to define the WBS (work breakdown structure)

Single Project Management

  • 14 custom list definitions with automatic assignee email, custom alerts, views and per item unique referencing

  • Microsoft Project-like list with WBS functionality with values propagated, aggregated and auto-calculated up the hierarchy as the project progresses

  • Cross-list project reports for team members and project managers that can be easily modified from the tool pane

  • Multiple cross-list Gantt views

  • Distribute reports in a variety of ways (e.g. email, Excel, print, SQL, XML etc)

Multiple Project Management

  • A starter project office structure

  • 3 multiple project management templates (i.e. custom site definitions) for differing levels of process (see the Project Management Templates pop-up image)

  • Cross-list and cross-site rollup reporting from big picture to per list item detail

  • Project reporting portfolios to enable you to easily report on the projects you want

  • Project request module for managing the project pipeline

  • Email reports from UI or on a scheduled basis (e.g. auto-email everyone their My Work report every Monday AM)

  • Export project data to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, XML and SQL Server Reporting Services

Capture and Reuse Best Practices

  • Create new project webs from existing projects or templates

  • Create new templates from existing projects or templates

  • Tailor templates just like project sites

Process Tailoring

  • Tailor lists, navigation, web parts, project sites, areas etc to reflect your desired processes with standard SharePoint and additional pmPoint-specific configuration options

  • Report tool pane configuration options delivers lots of extra reports over and above the supplied 50+ reports

  • Deliver advanced reporting capabilities via easily editable report XML


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