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GTS offers video surveillance, as many vendors do, but what separates us from other offerings include our ability to truly optimize your archives and our access techniques make your archives accessible when you need them, pinpointed to exact moments!

Acuity-vct Video Capture System (VCS) Advantages

The VCS system is a Network Video Recorder that provides the following benefits over a
standard DVR system:

1. Non-Proprietary Solution
• VCS runs on a standard server with no proprietary hardware.
• Contains no proprietary video compression algorithms (uses Motion JPEG, MJPEG, as recommended by the FBI). Video can be exported to either JPEG of MPEG capable being viewed through any image viewer or media player. QuickTime Pro can be used to compress JPEG files into any standard format, such as, MOV, AVI, MPEG2, MPEG4, etc.

2. Flexibility

• VCS Interfaces to analog cameras, network cameras, PTZ cameras and mega pixel cameras from a wide range of suppliers including Pelco, Axis, Sony, Toshiba, Bosch, Panasonic and others. With the VCS, you are not tied into any particular vendor for your camera equipment.

• The VCS allows each user to totally customize their viewing options and there is no limit to the number of cameras that can be simultaneously viewed. Each user can create their own set of unique view schemes with all camera views being of any size shape or position on the screen. There is no physical or format limit.

• Each user can share their unique viewing formats with other configured users. Flexible displays allow limitless possibilities for your viewing needs including user defined view schemes, rotating schemes, picture-in-picture and flexible sizing. The VCS is not limited to fixed 4, 9, 16 views, you design your view as you see fit.

• The VCS is not fixed at 8, 16 or even 32 cameras. If you want to add a 17th, 33rd or 65th camera, you don't have to purchase a new system. The recommended VCS systems for our customers can capture and store up to 1,000 images per second (IPS). This means that for example 1,000 cameras can be configured capturing one image per second, 500 capturing 2 IPS, or 100 at 10 IPS. If you have 10 critical cameras that need to capture full motion video at 30 IPS, that requires 300 and there is 700 IPS remaining to distribute in any fashion your surveillance requirements dictate. It’s truly that flexible.

• Acuity has integrated pan tilt and zoom controls that appear when a user selects to view a PTZ enabled camera. User priority control is also provided.

• Many competitors only allow a user to select a single camera setting for all configured cameras. This means if one camera is set at a capture rate of 10 IPS, all configured cameras must be set at 10 IPS. Acuity allows each camera to have unique Image Capture Rates, Resolution settings, and compression settings. This enables our clients to implement the VCS around their business requirements instead of trying to configure their surveillance requirements around the limitations of an inflexible product.

3. Significant Reduction in Wiring Expense

• Since the VCS is network based, there is no longer the requirement to pull all video lines back to the security control room. Each IP network camera is wired back to the nearest network switch. This greatly reduces video wiring requirements, removes wire clutter from server cabinets, and provides a much more efficient environment for troubleshooting camera problems.

• The use of Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) cameras greatly simplifies and reduces
the power/network wiring requirements.

4. Motion Alarming / Motion Detection

• Acuity-vct has developed an enhancement to our VCS surveillance system called the Camera Based Motion Alarming System (CBMAS). This is the most flexible and easy to use set of motion alarming tools available. Acuity-vct has a patent pending on this technology. This software allows our clients to set up motion protection zones within any area in view of any of the configured cameras. There are 3 different types of software protection zones.

»The first is a Motion Alarm Zone and when breached will immediately sound an audio and or visual alarm while notifying the security staff and archiving the video of the breach.

»The Hot Alarm Zone works in the same fashion but allows for small or distant objects to be protected by increasing the sensitivity of the protection zone.

»The Loitering Alarm Zone will not trigger the alarm unless continuous motion occurs within the defined area for the user defined period of time. This can be used for example in front of a bank vault where people are expected to pass by, however if someone is loitering in front of the safe for an extended period of time, the security department wishes to be alerted to insure a robbery is not being attempted. Acuity-vct allows an unlimited number of zones of any type to be created from an unlimited number of cameras.

5. Software Support – Continual Updates / Enhancements

• Acuity-VCT is continually developing new features for the VCS. Our software support agreement continually provides you with the latest and greatest functionality without the need to replace your system.

6. Open API / Improved Video Search Tools

• Acuity-vct has an Open API or Application Programming Interface. This allows the VCS to communicate with other computers and allows us to create exciting applications beyond simple surveillance. The Video Capture System product was originally designed to troubleshoot and correct quality issues within the metals manufacturing industry. The VCS can interface to access control systems and is used by dozens of production facilities to visually analyze production output to quickly find and correct quality problems.

• Search tools originally developed to troubleshoot manufacturing quality issues sets the VCS apart and makes searching for desired video quick and easy. These tools provide instantaneous video review even when many cameras are selected. As you move the review slider bar, the screen continually updates. You don't have to stop and wait for images to update.

7. Graphical User Interface (GUI)

• Acuity-vct also has key advantages in each of these highlighted areas. Our Graphical User Interface (GUI) is icon based and extremely easy to use.

8. Storage Capabilities

• The Video Capture System can be configured with up to 20 Terabytes of storage to insure the video can be archived for extended periods of time so critical events are never overwritten.

9. Network Advantages

• The Acuity-vct VCS has 3 separate Network connections available to limit network traffic and maximize resources.

10. No Per Seat Software License Fees / Unlimited License

• Acuity-vct does not charge a per seat license fee or per camera fee for the VCS product. Most major manufacturers charge a fee per configured camera and configured user. Acuity-vct does not adhere to this practice and charges no license fees for cameras or users.


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